by Naoto Fukasawa x Maruni

A not uncommon form but refined and mastered by Fukasawa and crafted with precision by Japanese woodworkers. My first impression when I sat down in this chair was not the comfort or the beauty but actually the way that the wood was so finely finished that it felt almost like glass.

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The Liquid Book is a non-conventional container where liquids vanish each time one turns a page. It is a secret capsule inside an ordinary object, a box disguised as a book. Made from waterproof paper, The Liquid Book is a graphic interpretation of an ancient object full of stories left to tell. A homage to all amphoras found in time with unnamed fluids and stories left to tell.

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love this. ivan cash

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UNICORN (by Father_TU)

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todd williams and billie tsien

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christoph sagel

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